How to stand out as a Call Center quality assurance analyst in call center?

If you are reading this text, you probably already work as a Call Center quality assurance analyst or else you work in a call center and you’re looking for a spot on the quality team, right? If none of these two scenarios are your case, leave in the comments on why you became interested in this text!

Why is it worth standing out as a quality assurance analyst?

Overall, the vast majority of call centers and call centers have a very clear career plan, where if you are currently as a quality assurance analyst, you will certainly have the opportunity over time in the operation in which you work to become a leading analyst, a coordinator or even a quality manager, but for this obviously it takes time and it will be necessary to stand out.

stand out as a quality assurance analyst in call center

Step to step

Just like in the career of a doctor, engineer, teacher, architect, for you be a prominent professional, it’s necessary to study and practice everything that you learned! Here, in the quality customer attendance area, is not different, you will need to study about some routine tasks!

One of the most important things that you need to know is:

Apply excellent feedback:

Did you know? Feedback in the wrong way can bring a negative impact on your operation! Imagine two situations:

  • Where the quality assurance analyst always applies the feedback, criticize the agent performance, focusing only on negative points… Of course, they will feel demotivated or keep doing a bad job, because they don’t have an incentive or recognition. The result could bring many agents dissatisfied, demotivated and will affect customer satisfaction.
  • On another hand, imagining the same scenario, but the analyst can apply the feedback looking the main problems that happened during the service, on the same way congratulating and recognizing always as possible his effort and successes, however small, this will totally change the way in which attendants will receive this feedback…and the results will have a positive impact in the quality of service and the customer satisfaction too, agents will be happy and motivates by recognize.

Study about your company

One of the best ways to stand out is to understand what is better for your company…but how do you know this?

It is easier than you imagine!

You who listen to the calls and read the chats, between customers and the attendants. This means that in these interactions you can find out:

  • Problems that customer is having with the product or service offered.
  • Reasons why the customers are dissatisfied
  • Competitors your customers’ quote, when they want to cancel the service

These are some main points you have the ability to discover just by monitoring the quality of service, but by adopting this to your scenario, in the operation that you work, you can certainly fit more situations like these. In practice, these 3 points result in the same problem, customer loss, consequently affecting directly on your company’s billing.

If you create the habit of displaying reports of all of these topics mentioned above and passing on to your superiors frequently the main problems that you are noticing, they will see you with other eyes! A company lives on profit, and you being the person who indicates where it is failing to make a profit, surely, you will stand out a lot!

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