5 Tips for quality assurance – What to analyze on calls and chats?

If you’ve read our previous text, you know we talked about how to stand out, and now we will give tips for quality assurance, to be more specific, what to look for in the calls and chats.

One of the main tasks of the monitor is to evaluate the service by filling out the form/scorecard developed by the quality assurance team that you work, right? Yes, but here we will talk specifically about the customer side, which is certainly one of the most important points in which the quality assurance team should be worried.


If the customer requests our services, it must complete the satisfying service for a possible loyalty and indicate us, to other customers.


  • Complaints
  • Concerns
  • Negative comments
  • Compliments

All these points are very important to consider at the time of monitoring because they are the perspective that your customer had of that particular care, which in the vast majority of the time matter more than the score because think well…

Imagine a call where the agent gets a 90 from the quality assurance score, for example, and in the customer satisfaction survey, the score was 50… It’s certainly not a good view, because you will think it was a good quality score when in fact customers are dissatisfied with the experience they are having.

Tips for quality assurance


One of the main things that customers evaluate is the consistency of information. If agents are passing accurate and correct information, so imagine the situation:

A customer contacts more than once our call center to take a question and every time he calls, the agents pass different information, how to know which one is the correct? What will the customer imagine? That the agents do not know anything!

The information should always be equal and compatible agent to agent!

All these things must be considered in the monitoring time.


If you monitor a debt recovery and sales team, one of the main points is the arguments… Arguments should be relevant, be consistent with the profile of the customers contacted; thinking of the costumer’s desire, the arguments need to be concrete, giving credibility and confidence to those on the other side of the line.

As a quality analyst, if you notice that arguments are not working or not fitting into the profile, it is also necessary to report to superiors with a certain urgency.

Good practices

You need to are used to look for on calls and chats good practices of the agents, analyzing that, registering and sharing this information on your operation, the quality score will increase on the whole operation.


Nothing mentioned above will be as effective as this last point, solve problems!

Regardless of the time, the focus on the service should be solving the problem in the first call, the famous FCR. This will generate enormous customer satisfaction, because a customer saw that the agent was efficient in service or at least tried to solve the problem, generating satisfaction about the connection.

Consider adding to your quality form, an item focused on the resolution on the first contact, and this measuring with reports about how the index is.

Now, that you know some good practices, think about ways to implement this in your routine tasks, talking to your superiors or else putting together own reports to go measuring the result of your operation!

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