What Does a Call Center Quality Assurance Analyst Do?

If you are looking for some job opportunities on call center and never worked with that before, you may be asking yourself, what does a call center quality assurance analyst do?

The monitor or quality assurance analyst is responsible to analyze the interaction between the agent and customer; this interaction can be by telephone, chat, email and even on social media.

Some main tasks that you will do:

  • Listen to the call recordings
  • Read the chat dialogues, emails, and social media.
  • Analyzes the agent behavior.
  • Fill out a quality scorecard, evaluating and generating grade for the agent that did the attendance.
  • Apply the feedback with the agent (this item does not apply for all call centers sometimes the supervisors apply the feedback.)

What kind of company a quality assurance monitor works?

We have two different places, the first one… The company that is a call center, where you can monitor many call center customers and have more than one product or service to monitor as well. Another one, it is an own call center, for example, a security company, medical assurance, airplane company, services, energy, etc… If your situation is the first one, you could monitor more than one company, means that you have to know more products and services.

What skills do you need to be a quality assurance monitor?

  • Patient
  • Basic computer skills
  • Analyze capacity
  • Writing (orthographic and text)
  • Feedback


The patient is important because you will listen to calls and read chat dialogues, at the same time you will fill on another software to score if the agent followed the script, if he argues on the right way, if he finished the contact and how he learned… This kind of rating depends on attendance.

Computer Skills

You will be all day working with the word, excel, or inside company system doing download and saving files, looking for information’s, it’s necessary a basic knowledge to don’t be lost on your day and need agility with this pack, to score your goals, eventually how many monitors were realized.

Analysis Capability

The analytical capacity is very important, as you will need to know about the customer service process, if the information was passed correctly, analyzing how the connection was directed. But rest assured about the part of knowing about the service process as you will receive training to ensure this!

How is the workspace?

What Does a Call Center Quality Assurance Analyst Do

Overall, it is a very quiet environment, as you already know, the quality team listens to several calls most of the time, then each of them have their headset while filling up scorecards.

Just to get an idea, the size of the quality assurance team can start from one analyst, wherein this case they are very small call centers and can reach 100 analysts or even more, in cases of large call centers.

So if you are looking for a job as call center quality assurance analyst these are the main points!

Good Luck!

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