New evaluation report with interactive dashboards, KPIs and dynamic table.

We are pleased to introduce a significant transformation to our reporting system: you will now have access to all the important information about your evaluations, contestations, and feedback! In a place!

We’ve introduced a new report that combines data from multiple reports into a single dynamic, customizable dashboard designed specifically to meet your needs.

Dynamic table

This new report offers complete flexibility: you now have full control over what information is displayed, the order in which it is presented, and what filters are applied. With a fully editable table, you can choose which columns you want to view and even save up to three custom report views for quick access in the future.

In the pivot table, you can further customize your experience: drag and drop columns to rearrange them to your liking. You can also decide to easily show or hide columns using the options available on the right side of the screen.

Additionally, we implemented several filters to make data visualization even easier. From date filters to checkboxes and radio buttons, you can customize the view as needed for accurate information.

Best of all, your column display, sorting, and filtering preferences can be saved with a single click. Simply select “Save Preferences,” name your view, and save it for quick access when you need it.

KPIs and dashboards

In addition to the dynamic table, indicators (KPI) were developed at the top of the page, with general information about the progress of the evaluations.

In our first chart, you can easily set goals for the number of evaluations by simply clicking on the target icon and seeing the red line indicating the goal to achieve.

At the top of the page, you will find two important icons: the first offers filtering options, allowing you to choose how to view the difference between the current period and the previous period, as well as decide whether you want to view this difference. In numbers or percentages. The second icon serves as a convenient shortcut to quickly access the pivot table.

KPIs are interactive. Clicking on its title will take you directly to the corresponding view in the pivot table. For example, when you click “Pending”, you will immediately see the evaluations that have pending contestations.

We are confident that this revolutionary change will make data analysis more intuitive and efficient than ever. We hope you enjoy this new functionality and look forward to your feedback!

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