What is call center quality assurance? Tips, benefits and more.

To understand what call center quality assurance is, you must first imagine a call center.

You probably should have imagined a large room with several people talking on the phone at the same time, don’t you?

And how to ensure that all these people who are present, they are working in the right way, when there are different types of questions, complaints and wishes that the vast majority of agents have to solve?

Not to mention that every time you contact a customer service, a different person serves you … How do you ensure that everyone passes the same information?

This is where call center quality assurance comes in.

call center quality assurance


Why is call center quality assurance essential?

The quality team is essential in customer service…

All and any type of companies have professionals who evaluate the quality of their product or service and the quality of the work of their employees, that is, this does not happen exclusively in call centers.

In our segment, our objective is more focused on the quality of customer service, but since people and today carry out the service also by robots, it is necessary that we evaluate each response of them.



As we anticipated before, for a company it is essential to ensure that the agents are working correctly, because in this way we avoid many problems, such as the loss of customers due to poor customer service.

Anyone would hate to call to a customer service and receive incorrect or just different information from one agent to another agent, which can leave us in doubt, even if both are correct … And finally, even if we have a bad service.

Any of these possibilities already makes us think about canceling any product or service that we have with this company, that we are contacting.

How is call center quality assurance done?

In the quality area, we have professionals who listen to call recordings, read chat or email conversations between a client and an agent, and can even evaluate the internal processes of a company.

All with the same goal… Evaluate the quality of customer service.

What are the items of a quality assurance scorecard?

C:\Users\Matheus\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DRa9888.6732\4365494.jpg During the evaluation, the quality analysts fill out a scorecard that contains elements about customer service.

To make it easier to understand, imagine a customer support operation, where the service is an internet plan support.

The customer called support because his internet is not working…

When this occurs, the agent should ask a few questions and follow the necessary procedures before attempting to resolve the customer’s problem or send a technician to that customer’s home.

In the quality assurance scorecard, you will surely have items like these:

  • Did you check if the modem is connected?
  • Did you ask the customer to reboot the modem?
  • Did you verify that the network cable is properly connected to the modem?

And other issues in this regard, to ensure that the process was followed in the correct way.

When an agent do not follow any process, or make a mistake, they will lose points on the quality scorecard and consequently will have a poor mark in his service, which can affect his goals, possible job growth in the company or even fired, depending on the importance of these failures and whether they persist.

What type of software is used for quality assurance?

Surprisingly, the vast majority of call centers use a spreadsheet for evaluations, these spreadsheets can be made in Excel, Google Sheets or any other type of system that your company uses…

However, evaluate on spreadsheets generates a series of problems, impacts on the productivity of our team, security, reliability, consistency of information, among others.

On the other hand, there is a part of the market that uses specific software programs to evaluate, which make more simple and even automates a series of daily processes of the quality team, such as:

  • Easy creation of scorecards
  • Feedback application on all of evaluations
  • Reports automated
  • Automatic keyword detection for the quality team to evaluate what may have happened in the service
  • Training application accurately

The problem is that not all call centers have budget to use call center quality assurance software…

But do not worry about that, we have a free version, to be able to help those companies that still do not have a consolidated quality philosophy and want to undertake this important journey.

Request your free CYF here.

How to optimize the quality assurance of a call center?

All we saw earlier is considered the basics for quality assurance, including the use of a software can be considered a basic format, depending on of the software and features used.

The good thing is that there are always ways to improve everything we do, especially when technology is on our side, and quality monitoring is no different … Currently, the main technologies are:

  • Voice and screen recording
  • Stealth screen monitoring
  • Integrations
  • Speech and Text Analytics


Voice and screen recording

We already know that listening to just a recording of a call or reading a chat file is not always enough to know everything that happened in the interaction with the customer.

So how do you really know everything that happened? Recording the agent’s screen…

In this way, you will know that the following points can solve some mysteries that happen in the assistance, such as:

  1. When the agent passed the wrong information to the customer, which software was he looking at? Did he search the wrong way? None of this will be more mysterious.
  2. When the agent asked the customer to wait on the line or in the chat… what was he doing?

Stealth screen monitoring

In fact, this feature will help far more team supervisors than the quality team itself, however, the gain from this use will directly affect the quality of customer service.

Stealth screen monitoring allows supervisors and monitors to see the agent’s screen live, without him knowing that he is being monitored. This can help in the following situation:

Imagine an agent more than 20 minutes into a call when the AHT of that operation is 3 minutes … Certainly something is happening there, so just click on the agent’s name and see exactly what they are doing… And most importantly, if need be, just click record and that video file will be saved in CYF.


Manually inserting the contact into your quality software takes a long time … and if your team does it today, you know what I am talking about.

This manual task can occupy up to 30% of the entire evaluation process.

Think of a scenario where the monitor, before starting to fill out a form, has to go into the recorder or chat software, perform a search as needed, and transfer everything to a quality software.

Everything mentioned above demands a good amount of time on the part of the team, so with the integrations, we allow our monitors to focus on what really matters, and not on manual work.

Speech and Analytics

If you have read this article so far, you are certainly looking to improve quality control and elevate your operation to a level of excellence.

I imagine that today you evaluate per sample, that is, a specific number of evaluations per agent per month, which can be from 2 to 10 evaluations … it will depend on you.

Now and if instead of evaluate in this way, you choose contacts with your finger.


Speech and Text Analytics is a technology that lets you know which contacts were problematic, that is, a bad word was detected or any keyword you want to record.

That way, nothing can go wrong with your operation.


In this content you had a 360 degree view of quality assurance, from the basics to even more advanced features…

If you want to know more about quality assurance, try to stay informed either on our blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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