CYF Analytics

Stay on top of everything that happened in your customer service,

effortless and automatically.

Speech and Text Analytics from CYF

Track what matters

Suspected fraud​
Swear words​
Complaint Indicators​

Create your own search rules

Every operation is different, but all of them need to find what matters in a call. With CYF Analytics, you can set search rules for any topic you may want.

Our system uses a grammar aware search algorithm to guarantee that everything you find is exactly what you’re looking for.

Understand your client's feelings

Using our language analysis software, we can automatically identify your client’s feelings as he speaks.
Thanks to our grammar-based approach, we can identify feelings in both voice and text conversations.


And much more...


Silence Analytics

Conversation interruptions can say a lot about your call center, therefore analyze your contacts’ silence automatically, find the break points and what causes them.


Evaluation Queue

Instead of using random sampling, with CYF Analytics you can rank your calls by their content and evaluate on what matters.


Keyword Cloud

We employ a TF-IDF algorithm to find not only the most recurring words in your operation but also the most important ones.


Contact Summary

By using our inverse-frequency analysis, you can find the most important excerpts of every call.


360° Data Analysis

Combine and cross-reference information with 360 degree data.


Easily customizable with Power BI

We can easily and quickly adapt colors, information and even dashboards with Power BI.


Talk time vs Silence time

Analyze how long break times take in phone calls and chats. 


Automatic Quality Assurance

Let evaluations on autopilot integrating CYF Analytics with CYF Quality.