The most effective method of Call center Quality Assurance that nobody has, but you can have!

You may already know that the standard process of monitoring today is to listen to the recording of a phone call or read a chat dialogue and from there start filling out the form… but there is a most effective method of call center quality assurance that goes beyond, this method uses screen recording as a resource for monitoring, which will bring a much wider view than the agent did during the call.

most effective method of Quality assurance monitoring

Clarity of information

Think with me, you’re doing a monitoring and you realize that the agent said something that he shouldn’t or stays a while in silence, and then you wonder, “where did he get this information from?” or “what is he doing? These doubts will no longer exist when you use the screen recording, because you will know exactly:

  • Where he got that wrong information
  • If the agent himself searched in the wrong place
  • What he was doing.

Agility in the use of systems

There are some essential skills to be a call center agent such as empathy, didactics, patience and knowledge of the product/service… But an extremely important point is also the basic notion of computer science, this is because the agent will spend all his daily work day handling a computer, so for this, certain knowledge is necessary.

But what does that have to do with quality?

Simple! If the agent has a bad handling of the software, doesn’t have a great impact on your service and automatically on customer satisfaction.

In what way?

  • It takes time in the search for information.
  • Possibility to make a wrong search in the systems and consequently pass the wrong information to the customer.
  • Delay in registering and/or updating information.

All this will lead to bad results, as:

  • Increase in callbacks.
  • Bad index of RFC (resolution in the first contact).
  • Increased ATS (average time of service).
  • Increased operational cost.
  • Among others.


Another aspect where the screen recording will be your best friend, will be for fraud detection… this point may not happen very often, but its impact is usually very high.

Types of theft:

  • Credit card data
  • Personal information
  • Deviation in product delivery
  • Online service access credentials

Being able to detect this in quality monitoring is essential in an operation that is concerned with the security of its customers, especially in this new era of privacy and information security.

How to put it into practice?

Here, we start from the assumption that you are already using quality monitoring software to monitor, because as you already know, you can’t continue using Excel to monitor, right? 😯

So if you need a quality monitoring system, start using CYF Free now.

Now, if you already have a quality system and are interested in this effective method of call center quality assurance
, you can request CYF Premium. In addition to all the quality monitoring features you will also get the very important screen recording we talk about here.

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