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Quality assurance is an extremely important area to measure as the name says  the quality of the operation but it”s also a great thermometer of your customer’s satisfaction, think with me … If your operation has bad results, it is natural that your customer also has the feeling of a bad service, right? So, to measure the quality in practice, the first step is develop a quality scorecard but in this post will be different! You will receive a free template of the call center quality assurance scorecard for customer service, which is compatible with CYF Free, just ask and use.

SCORECARD call center quality scorecard

Most services are “divided by blocks”, according to the infographic beside. Inside these blocks we have several kinds of items that we created to evaluate the performance of the attendant in that particular service, creating a final score, based on the evaluation that we did…

See the examples of the most used groupings:

  • Call opening
  • Communication
  • Product knowledge
  • Closure

Call Opening

In this block we create items focused on how the customer service was opened, for example:

  • Greetings/Identification.
  • Speed to answer the call.
  • The reason for the contact.


This is one of the most  important pillars of quality assurance, here we will find out who the best attendants are when it comes to communication power, and you may even think that is not important, but it can have a great impact on customer loyalty.

We have several companies focused on the philosophy of ” CX – Customer Experience” and this is nothing more than a 100% customer-oriented mentality, understanding, facilitating and helping whenever possible.

In this block, we can find out which attendants have:

  • Good quality communication, adapting to the type of customer you are talking about.
  • Ability to understand what the client is trying to say.
    (It may sound silly, but not everyone understands what the client really wants)
  • Shows empathy with the customer’s problem.
  • And the main one, he had didactics to explain.

In the image below you can see the items we put in our call center quality assurance scorecard template.

Product Knowledge

Along with communication, knowledge of the product is one of the essential blocks in a service of excellence, where it is also extremely important for customer loyalty, there is no more boring situation than the customer calling a call center and the attendant himself (who is the representative of the company), doesn’t know how to pass on information about the product or service in which he serves.

This can never happen!


The time of farewell is also an important point to make a good impression, always trying to understand if what was said in the service really solved the customer’s problem. As quality analyst your responsibility is to know if:

  • Was pass the correct information?
  • Did the attendant pass all information?
  • What the attendant said, does it match with the company’s information software?

These are important factors to measure when evaluating, not counting the items we put on our sample form, as shown in the image below!

Critical Failures

As you are already tired of knowing, every service needs to follow a script in which it was created for:

  • Improve the performance of the operation
  • improve the company’s processes
    • Information register
    • Search information
    • Requests
  • Increase safety
    • confirming the necessary customer data

In this case, there are some points in the script that are extremely important even judicially for the company as we exemplify in the scorecard below:

In the example above, any item that was scored the attendant will automatically have a score zeroed.

Using the Call center Quality Assurance Scorecard.

All these things that we quoted in our post, to be put into practice, it would be necessary to create item by item in Excel, managing the answers, distributing weights and to create reports, that headache  that you already know, right?

But you may have noticed that in each explanation of the evaluating blocks, we put some images from our scorecard template. This scorecard is compatible with CYF Quality… Does mean that you have to buy the system to use? No! This scorecard is also compatible with CYF Free, so you can use it for free! =D

Follow the steps o use it:

  1. Order your CYF Free at this link:
  2. Send us a message at this link, informing that you want the Call center Quality Assurance

And just wait for our team to get in touch to pass all the information!

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