How to measure the call center quality assurance performance?

We will explain everything about that, the main concepts and metrics that not every quality team evaluates when monitoring and of course, how to measure the call center quality assurance performance … Is the quality monitoring only serves for evaluating and having a quality score? Is that the main goal? Here at CYF, we don’t believe that! There are more efficient ways to measure the call center quality assurance performance.

Measure Customer Satisfaction

It may seem obvious, but this isn’t always a metric taken seriously in quality monitoring. The customer satisfaction is automatically transformed into loyalty and the way our company is seen by the market if our customers will recommend our products or services to others etc.

measure call center quality assurance performance

Identify training needs

The need for training is fundamental for the improvement of processes and even products and services… The goal is to understand the main complaints of customers to understand and improve processes, in this way we can identify important points, like:

Agent Behavior

  • Do they present themselves in the right way?
  • Do you finish the connection in the right way?
  • Does customer data confirm?
  • Do you indicate to the customer the next steps at the end of the connection?
  • Is waiting time when the attendant leaves the customer to seek information is too long?
  • Is the information passed on the customer correct?
  • How Does the attendant handle the tools?
    • For this particular item, you must have a screen recording tool to monitor everything the attendant used in the service to pass on the information. Use CYF Premium (hyperlink here) for this feature.

Possibilities for improvement

There are many possibilities for improvement in the operation that aren’t always like items in the quality form.

That’s why it´s very important that you capture errors that you take on calls and record in separate reports from the quality form to improve the entire operation.

How to analyze quality assurance progress?

There are many call center operations that believe that the quality index of the operation is a sufficient metric to measure progress, but we believe that in order to really know if progress has been made, it is necessary to measure the following points:

Operating cost

  • Cost per minute
  • Number of calls per attendant
  • Number of re-calls
  • Reduction of TMA
  • Resolution on the first contact
  • Performance Indicators
  • In sales operation was there an increase in sales?
    • In the case of the scheduling operation, was there an increase in this number?
    • In the case of a collection, an operation has there been an increase in agreements?

It is always necessary to make this comparison, because if the quality index increases, it is mandatory that the above item has also improved.

It doesn’t happen, it is certainly having some kind of problem in quality measurement.

Start put into practice today, extracting, analyzing and comparing all the data mentioned above, with the quality index…are the numbers beating? If not, investigate the motives and find out the root of the problem! You can incredibly increase all the numbers of your operation…

To extract automatic reports for your analysis, use CYF Quality, the best quality monitoring system for call centers!

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