The importance of monitoring in a call center … Understand it!

Understand once for all the importance of monitoring in a call center, to get productivity gains from the team and also financial returns…

Usually monitoring is not seen with “good eyes” by the companies and its employes, isn’t it?

Like any others, companies have commercial interests and then, they must have profit in their activities, and many see monitoring as a cost…

Citing CS operations as an example:

When the service is not done with quality, many customers certainly will call again! That means rework and more costs for the company…

On the other hand, if the service is efficient, it will reduce, among other things, the number of callbacks, the average service time, and consequently the company costs!

And when is the CSR well qualified on the subject?

The story changes a lot, he or she will handle calls much faster, compared to one who does not know enough and need to look for or consult a supervisor seeking answers… Not to mention the cases in which they respond to any “bullshit” to customers.

Importance of monitoring in a call center is there!

  • Observe the differences between answers
  • Lack of performance and system errors
  • Errors in information databases
  • Not following precesses
  • Wrong procedures
  • Not following scripts
  • Inadequate training
  • Incompatible profile (recruitment and selection error)
  • And several other details that are also important

The role of the monitoring team is extremely important! Not only to perform the typical evaluation of scripts and vocabulary errors, think outside the box…

Also think about finding out:

  • Opportunities for cost reduction and improvement.
  • Serious failures (which generate cost or damage to the company’s image)

Certainly these attitudes will be converted into better productivity, financial results and new business opportunities… and who knows, that such desired promotion!

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