What is a Call center Quality Assurance Software? Features, Benefits, and Tips

What is a Call center Quality Assurance Software? Features, Benefits, and Tips

If you don’t know what a Call Center Quality Assurance Software is, don’t worry, we will explain in detail what it is, all the features it needs to have, its benefits and tips to help you decide which software to choose.

What is a Call center Quality Assurance Software?

The Call Center Quality Assurance Software is used to evaluate interactions between a customer and an agent in call centers.

There are different types of interactions which are called of channels, such as phone, chat, email and others, like even online forum platforms.

O que é Sistema de Monitoria de Qualidade para Call center?

With the Call Center Quality Assurance software you create one or several QA scorecards and will start to evaluate the customer service with those scorecards you created, thus generating a quality score for the agent and his observations about the service. This note, along with your observations and a final comment with actions and/or recommendations is called feedback.

What is a Call center Quality Assurance Software? Features, Benefits, and Tips

After a certain amount of evaluations, the software will have several reliable and representative reports, where in them you will know who are the best and worst agents, and much more than that, you will know what are the points that our operation has been failing the most, so you can do coaching or apply focused training to correct these failures.

All the above is a brief way of explaining what a Call Center Quality Assurance Software is.

An important point is that most of the call centers create an Excel spreadsheet to do all this, which can generate big problems that we will point out a few below.

So, to help small call centers, we have created CYF Free, the only free Call Center Quality Assurance Software in the world!

Basic and mandatory features of Call Center Quality Assurance Software

Choosing a Call Center Quality Assurance Software is not an easy task, it is a decision that affects several parts of a call center, but certainly, every effort of the decision will be worth with the return that its use will bring.

Still calm, you need to pay attention to the main functionalities that a software needs to offer you, so the exchange will be more valuable than continuing using a scorecard, or some other platform that is not specific for that.

  • Being in the cloud
  • Automatic and real-time reporting
  • Creating and editing QA scorecards
  • Electronic Feedback
  • Pointing out the faultiest items

Why do you need a software?

  • Data loss prevention, where you avoid spreadsheet loss problems.
  • Security
  • Different access profiles
  • The software also manages processes and not only stores data

In Cloud

An indispensable feature is that the quality assurance software stays in the cloud, in other words, that it is on a website, and why is this so important?

  • Several people can access the same information at the same time.
  • Access from wherever you are, in your office, working from home or even in a coffee shop.
  • Automatic software updates.
  • Your staff can grow without worrying about buying new servers.

Automatic and real-time reporting

The biggest goal of using a software, no matter what it is, is that it automates processes that take time from the user, and in a quality monitoring software is the same thing, the goal is to eliminate the period in which we spend developing reports and graphics in an Excel.

The main reports are:

  • Quality Index
  • Report of offenders
  • Critical Failure Report
  • Need for training
  • Control of applied feedbacks
  • Quantity of monitoring performed by the quality team

What is a Call center Quality Assurance Software? Features, Benefits, and Tips

Creating and editing Scorecards

It is essential that you have a software that allows you to create and edit QA scorecards, and some important features of a QA scorecards is that it allows:

  • Various weights for each answer
  • Different kinds of items and valuation Criteria
  • Some way of import items to facilitate migration
  • Drag and drop to facilitate movement of items
  • Inserting comments within each item to the evaluation
  • Identification of items that generate financial or image damage

O que é Sistema de Monitoria de Qualidade para Call center?

Electronic Feedback

Feedback is one of the most important factors in a call center, but it certainly takes a lot of time to apply feedback in all evaluations, doesn’t it? That is why nobody does.

Apply the feedback in a more intelligent way, using a software that allows you to apply feedback electronically, so you will apply feedback in 100% of evaluations. And it is important to apply feedback also when an agent has done something very good.

But now you may be thinking, but what about personal feedback? That one that the supervisor usually applies?

It’s also extremely important, so if you’re going to use electronic feedback, see if there’s any way to put a score limit, for example, only 80 or 90 score up can have electronic feedback, and focus only on those who have taken a bad scores.

Ah, yes. Don’t forget to allow the agent to contest the QA analyst if he thinks he was wrong.

O que é Sistema de Monitoria de Qualidade para Call center?

Pointing out the faultiest items

I know we have talked about reports here, but the main focus of a quality report is not just to compare whether last month’s quality index has improved over the current month, it is much more than that, it is necessary:

  • Detect which items the agents fail the most
  • Identify which agents fail the most
  • Seek opportunities for improvement and know what the market is talking about us
  • Generate insights for the company’s growth

Extra features that help to further improve quality

The basic features we mentioned above can already change the life of quality assurance teams that do not yet use a software, but if this is not your case, now enter the session that interests you, the extra features that help to further improve quality assurance and will in some cases improve the performance of your team by up to 300% or more. Here is the list:

  • Integrations
  • Online training application
  • Voice and screen recording
  • Stealth screen monitoring
  • Speech Analytics


A Call Center Quality Assurance Software can greatly increase staff productivity, but when you have integrations, certainly productivity is raised to another level, see which software you could integrate with a call center quality assurance software:

  • Call recorder
  • Chat Service Software
  • Email Service Software
  • Human Resources Software

In the first three examples, integration can literally double team productivity… How? So, you know that process you do to select who to evaluate, fetch the data from a customer service before you start evaluating and copying everything to Excel?

  • Agent’s name
  • Date and time of call
  • Length of the call
  • And others, depending on your scenario.

Well, in this case, if you have an integration, you don’t have to fill anymore with it, just let the software tell you which customer service you have to evaluate and the audio, or else the text will be there.

Online training application

We know that we do not always train our team as often as we would like and should, don’t we?

More important tasks always arise to be solved and the improvement of skills ends up being left aside or is formally carried out each determined period after analyzing the data and gathering those that failed the most. Of course, this is as long as they are willing to leave their computers and stop answering the calls.

Look for a quality assurance software that allows the automation of training.


CYF Quality allows you to create questions and answers linked to a specific item in the QA scorecard… Whenever your agent makes a mistake on that specific item and the error is detected, the questions will automatically any more appear to him, as if it were a game, in order to create a continuous learning routine in your operation.

This way you can do it permanently and without taking people out of their computers.

Voice & Screen recording

Often just listening to the audio of a call or reading a text from a conversation between a customer and an agent is not enough to measure the efficiency of the agent and the operation as a whole.

So you can beyond the voice, recording the screen and seeing exactly what he did during the call.

  • Where did he get that incorrect information?
  • What software did he use? What is his ability and agility to operate them?
  • What did he do when he asked the customer for a moment?

Don’t just imagine, look!

O que é Sistema de Monitoria de Qualidade para Call center?

Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics is not necessarily a product linked to a Call Center Quality Assurance Software, but if used together, it can be a great differential in your operation.

Speech analytics can find out everything that has been said within a call and ask the QA Analyst to evaluate only important calls that have been detected:

  • Offensive words
  • Market opportunities
  • Complaints
  • Mention of competition
  • And everything that is important to your operation


There are several points you should pay attention to when choosing a call quality assurance software!

Everything mentioned above is available in CYF Quality.

Even for free.

I’m waiting your request to open your account for free! ;D

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