The Importance of Quality Assurance Monitoring Working From Home.

Indispensably, we need to talk about the importance of call center quality assurance working from home in this period of pandemic … So far we don’t know much about the cure, but the only thing we know for sure is that COVID-19 forces us to work from home. Obviously, not everyone will be able to stay at home, but it is certainly the best way to help reduce the spread of the virus.

Expectations are very good for health, but very bad for the economy. However, what we see is that while some sectors are being harmed, others are benefiting. As for the customer service sector, which is your case, everyone is turning their operations to this modality, working from home.The Importance of Quality Assurance Monitoring Working From Home

Your company may have a number of benefits from this change:

  • Economy with transport
  • Economy with infrastructure (facilities, equipment, administration, cleaning, coffee, water, energy, security, etc.)
  • Higher productivity
  • Possibility to offer products and services at lower costs
  • Talent retention, after all the home office is part of the company’s benefits package
  • Hiring specialists and talents without the worry of distance
  • Possibility of hiring talent at lower costs (e.g. areas of higher unemployment)
  • Better quality of life for employees

So far so good, but we have a few points to keep an eye on.

  1. How will we know that the attendants are working properly?
  2. How will we take care of the quality?
  3. How will we control that the attendants are really working?

Just knowing that they are logged into the systems and assessing productivity at the end of the day is not enough.  If we don’t keep an eye on it, the damage can be great.

On the other hand, employees may have problems adapting to work from home, encountering difficulties such as:

  • Being productive without having other people around
  • Finding the right area for “your place of work” inside
  • Finding motivation to work
  • Keep personal life separate from professional life
  • Dealing with distractions at home
  • Lack of supervision

Call center Quality Assurance From Home

After reading all above, you may be wondering how to handle it.

All the points mentioned above, like it or not, will happen, some more and some less, but that’s where the importance of call center quality assurance working from home comes in.

Several companies are currently suspending quality monitoring in this period of crisis, because of the urgency to change the way they work, when, in fact, it should double the level of attention and strengthen the quality area.  Imagine a large part of the call center working from home or even in the call center, and without any kind of supervision…  Obviously the level of service will drop DRASTICALLY, so you should give total focus on quality monitoring!

What should have an efficient tool to monitor your employees from Home?

To work well at home requires not only psychological preparation, but also the right tools.  So here’s a list of everything you need to do a great job directly from home.

  • A quality system prepared to work from home

That is, that it works not only on the computers provided by the company, but also on the employees’ private computers and that it works either by accessing via VPN or directly through the Internet, and also connected to a router.

  • That offers security

You probably don’t want unauthorized people to access your company’s network and/or systems.

  • That allows you to evaluate the work done by employees

Evaluate both phone calls and other channels such as chat, e-mail, social networks, etc.  And of course, that allows to obtain the corresponding metrics afterwards.

  • Record and listen to the recordings of calls

It will be necessary for your call recording provider to release external access as well or to talk to your IT to use a VPN.

  • That allows you to view the employee’s screen in real time

It is even better to allow the screen to be recorded to identify good and bad practices, recycling/training needs, frauds, etc.

  • That allows you to provide Feedback

And of course, also sign the receipt electronically, and, why not until you contest if it is the case (this is a very well accepted practice that greatly increases the satisfaction rate of the team).

  • To provide some form of training to maintain quality

It is even better if the system automatically identifies these needs and applies subject-related questionnaires to make sure learning improves.

  • Cup of coffee

And since no one is iron, always keep that cup of coffee close so you can drink it while working at home.

All the features mentioned above, you can find in CYF Quality, there is only one small problem, it still does not make coffee 😫. See the comparative version table to see which one fits your scenario.

And again, rest assured, because COVID-19 will pass, but new methods of working will remain. So adapt and be with as many control tools as you can, because quality monitoring should stay stronger than ever at home!

Take care and wash your hands.

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