Improvement in Disagree By Agents (Ended)

We have released a new improvement within our system, in the part of the Disagree by Agents.

You will now have a consolidated view of:

  1. Most contested items
  2. Agents who contest the most
  3. Monitors that received the most contestations

To access this news, follow these steps:

Evaluations > Disagree by Agents (Ended).

You will see a new layout look in the system, with new filters and information:

Scrolling the page, you have a graphical view of the items mentioned above, and, in addition, we have added a new column with the status of the dispute, informing whether it was upheld or unfounded.

Now you have a ranking view of the agents that dispute the most and monitors that receive more contestations and the most contested items.

And, in addition, you can export this data and have a complete view of contested reviews.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, we are open to receiving them. Thanks!

CYF Team.

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