Speech Analytics

Transcribe, analyze and classify!

Everything you need, automatically.

CYF Analytics monitors all your phone calls and selects only the importants.

Use the smart search for chats handled too. 

speech analytics
speech analytics

What is able to detect?

  • Offensive words.
  • Families of words, synonyms, phrases, sequences, etc.
  • Business opportunities.
  • Lost sales.
  • Track competitors and brands.
  • Specific customers needs.
  • Compliance.
  • Sales audit.
  • Scripts adherence.

How to use?

Speech Analytics

  • Performed 100% or by sampling methods 
  • Finds words / phrases that could cause loss
  • Classifies calls by type
  • Fills out checklists automatically
  • Evaluates adherence to scripts
  • Finds out the best arguments
  • Helps with fraud prevention 

Speech Analytics + Monitors

  • Helps monitors partially fill out checklists
  • Selects which calls should be monitored by the quality team
  • Searches calls for best sales techniques, results, business opportunities, etc.
  • Locates non-compliances and sends them to the audit team