Call center Quality Monitoring
Scorecard Examples

Why use CYF Quality Scorecard Examples?

1. Easy customization for your business

By importing one of our templates into your CYF Quality, you’ll be able to customize item types, descriptions, and weights to meet your business needs.

2. Automation of reports

Everyone is already tired of knowing that using spreadsheets for evaluation causes a lot of headaches in the reporting part… So, using our templates, you won’t have that kind of stress.

3. Data is safe

In addition to reporting headaches, one of the biggest villains of spreadsheets are “magic fingers” that change formulas and files to different versions or even missing them.

4. Feedbacks sent automatically

After completing your evaluation, CYF Quality will automatically send feedback so that the agent can verify his score and failures if it happens.

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Customer Service Scorecard

Ideal for Customer Service operations, it can also be used for support, in it you will find articles on:

  • Call opening
  • Communication
  • Product knowledge
  • Closure


Developed by CYF.

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Sales ScoreCard

Perfect to carry out a detailed follow-up of the active contacts of your call center. In this form you will find items from:

  • Opening
  • Getting closer
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • System log
  • Enclosure


Developed by CYF.

Questions and answers

The scorecards are compatible with CYF Quality, call center quality assurance software, which even has a free version.

Entered in CYF Quality, go to the “Tools” menu and access “Form Library”.

Import the desired scorecard and to use it go to “Settings”, “Forms Administration” and publish the imported form.

No, the file is in a CYF Quality proprietary format and can only be used on the system.

Yes, CYF Quality allows you to make changes to the weights and items on your form.